The Impact is Real.

Larry Anderson Jr. 

This young man Larry Anderson jr. came to us in our first year and we built a great relationship. Larry was raised in Memphis, TN. and at the age of 11 he noticed that life had dealt him a difficult hand. He moved to Mississippi than to Houston. By the time he was 17 he was in a new place meeting new people and it was a blessing for us to meet each other. Larry would go on to graduate high school then pursue a career in the military where he is now active and happy.


Kam Fernandez

Kam as we call him will always be special in our eyes! We met him during his 10th grade year and he just stood out even though he was quiet. His effort and work ethic was something that we valued. Being raised by a single mother that took interest and ownership of everything Kam wanted to accomplish, made this journey amazing. During his senior year of high school he only caught 4 passes but it wasn’t because of talent or not playing because he was a started. He knew he could play college football after playing 7v7 during the summer months. Coach asked Kam’s mother if he could take Kam to a few summer camps for seniors and she was willing. She drove to Austin, Texas and when they left Austin, Texas at the end of Camp, Kam had five scholarship offers. The next week he went to a camp in Houston, Texas where he received four more offers. As you can see on the photo, Kam is a college football player and great student. He never gave up on his dream and we will never give up on him.



Erick Young

Two years ago we received a phone call from one of our players at a camp saying “Coach, I see someone who should play with us and I have his phone number” that was Dee McCoy who is attending Texas Tech, majoring in Engineering. Coach spoke with Erick’s parents and asked them if he could attend a work out camp. During the camp they chose the top at his position and tried to leave him out. We didn’t allow that to happen. After watching him, Coach told his Mother, “he is going to be elite. I hope you allow him to work with us”. Well she did. Erick now has a 3.0 GPA, went from no stars, to 5 stars because of his effort and hard work and believing in the process. He plans to attend Texas A&M in the fall.