[FEATURED IN TEXAGS.COM] Kenneth Phillips Found His Passion for Football through Pain

Apr 11, 2020 | Athletes | 0 comments

The only thing I can think about is the kind of testimony he’s going to have because of the kind of person he is. – Coach. 

Last summer, Kenneth Phillips received an offer from Texas A&M. It was his dream come true. It was a goal he had poured himself into for months, after recovering from a major knee injury that required three surgeries. 

“Being able to walk is so gratifying,” Phillips said. “You take it for granted, but being able to walk again was a bright moment for me.”

The day of his injury, his loving parents could only look on breathlessly as their son lay on the field, holding his head in frustration and agony. 

It was early in the third quarter of the game. Phillips, as quarterback was on a designed run. But he was taken down in a pile when the defense stood him up at the line of scrimmage. While other players were returning to their huddles at the end of the play, Phillips stayed on the ground. 

Only his MCL was spared. 

Before this, Phillips had worked so hard for a Texas A&M scholarship, switching to linebacker from wide receiver, skipping parties, making sacrifices, and enduring a self-imposed three-a-day workout routine. The injury jeopardized all that he had been working towards. 

But then…

“It made me grow a passion for it (football),” Phillips said. “Having it taken away makes you think, ‘is this what you really want?’ And this is what I really want.

This story was originally covered by Jason Howell at TexAgs.com (premium). Read: Injury Delayed Kenneth Phillips’ Dream, Determination Keeps It Alive